Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our FAQ before sending us a message.

What are the delivery charges ?

Shipping options and charges as well as the delivery time is shown at the checkout.

The Shipping charges are calculated based on the weight of the total items in the chart. So the more items you take, the cheaper the shipping cost per item.

Which payment methods are accepted ?

We accept PayPal and PayPal does accept credit cards and guest payment.

No other payment options are currently supported. But if there is a high demand on a different payment option we would consider offering that.

What is the Currency of the Prices?

The currency is in US Dollar

I didn't receive my order after 30 days

if you didn’t receive your order within 30 Working days, please contact us and provide us the order number or the email you ordered with.

All orders are shipped with a tracking number and we can ask the shipping company to make an investigation of the location of the package

What does Recast mean?

“Recast” means a reproduction of the original, without using the Original mold. A mold has been made using the original Resin statue (Details are reworked in the mold)

The quality is still around 90-98% the same as the original.

The resin is made by a different factory

No Shipping option for me!

You can contact us and let us know where you would like your order to be shipped. We will then add shipping option for your country.

Do you offer Wholesale?

Yes we do offer wholesale however mostly only on Pre-order Items. If you are interested in wholesale please contact us and let us know your request.

Do You offer Discounts?

We are working on offering discount coupons for purchasing 3 resins at the same time, or 10 figurine or bases.

If you want a discount you can pay on PayPal as Family/Friend and get a 2.9% discount on the total.

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