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Times Vegeta Thought He Was Stronger Than He Really Is

Times Vegeta Thought He Was Stronger Than He Really Is

Times Vegeta Thought He Was Stronger Than He Really Is

Although Vegeta has experienced different changes in Dragon Ball Z, his arrogance and tendency to make everything about himself still seem the same. However, we are not here to criticize his character. In fact, that's one of the reasons he is one of the most loved characters: he isn't afraid to say what he thinks.

There's no doubt that Vegeta is one of the most powerful warriors in the Dragon Ball universe or the multiverse (aside from the gods and angels of fate, of course.) In his youth, people sent him on journeys to conquer entire planets single-handedly. Before he achieved his Super Saiyan transformation, he could destroy entire worlds without difficulty.

Yet he has suffered a series of defeats, mainly because he has the tendency to overestimate his capabilities. What's worse, he does not know when he should back down in the face of an insurmountable challenge. Although Vegeta has gone through different changes, his excessive pride doesn't seem to change anytime soon.

That is why today, we bring you the top times Vegeta thought he was stronger than he actually is. Let's get started!

He thought he was becoming a SS

Vegeta was the second strongest Namek warrior after Goku during the battle with Frieza. The thing is, he was far from being a Super Saiyan. Even after seeing how strong Goku had become after defeating Burter, Jeice, and Recoome without hesitation, Vegeta still didn't dare believe he had become a Super Saiyan.

He went with everything at Frieza. Still, the Emperor dodged him, and Vegeta realized he had overestimated his powers.

He tries to practice the acceleration of Earth's gravity 300 times.

All of this started when Vegeta saw Goku, our hero, become the first SS in centuries. Vegeta is prideful and arrogant. When he thought about the possibility that Goku could be better than him, he couldn't help but think that he wished he had the same power. He pushed the limits of his abilities, believing that was part of the key to being a SS just like Goku. Unfortunately, he overestimated the amount of exercise he could endure and increased the gravity of the training capsule Dr. Brief built for his use. Needless to say, it did not end well.

Vegeta destroyed the capsule, but at what cost? He nearly killed himself and had to spend a whole day in bed. Only after he was able to return to action.

Vegeta thought he was powerful enough to defeat one of the Androids

Since Android 19 was a piece of cake, Vegeta thought that Android 18 and 17 would be just as easy. However, Android 18 has unlimited energy. She is one of the strongest Dr. Gero creations (if to take out Cell, of course.)

As the battle with Vegeta progressed, she gradually had the advantage as Vegeta's strength decreased. In this fight, he realized that his SS power was not enough. He needed more than a Super Saiyan to win against his Android opponent. He ended up with a broken arm and lost his pride in the process.

Vegeta thinks he could beat Perfect Cell

Even if Vegeta "hates" Goku, both of them had some similarities. Like Goku, Vegeta often lets his opponent reach his strongest form before destroying him. This time, Vegeta let it happen.

Perhaps his biggest mistake was allowing this powerful enemy to assume his perfect form and absorb Android 18. Another mistake was thinking that his training up to that point had made him powerful enough to take on Perfect Cell.

Although Vegeta was able to tear Cells' bodies apart, he ignored Cells' regeneration abilities, resulting in a discomfiting defeat.

When he fought Majin Buu alone

Even after transforming into Majin, Vegeta kept lots of free will. Why do we say this? The first thing he used this newfound power was to fight Goku. He could have used them instead for killing Kaioshin on Babid's orders. When it seemed that both sides had agreed to postpone the fight, Vegeta blocked Goku and fought Buu himself, believing that his power would be enough to save Earth.

If Goku and he had worked together, they certainly would have been able to defeat Buu before things took a turn for the worse. But since this list is full of moments where Vegeta overestimated his abilities, that's exactly what happened. Vegeta ended up destroying himself in a futile attempt to fight Buu. All because of how prideful he is.

When he decides he can face Buuhan without joining Goku

Allowing Goku to go back to Earth (even if it was for one day) was a major departure from the rules of the afterlife, which normally prohibit dead fighters from leaving Earth for whatever reason. Still, when Majin Buu absorbed Gotenks and Gohan, Enma decided to break the rules again and allow Vegeta to return to help our hero save the universe from its greatest threat: Buuhan.

Vegeta's pride would not allow him to fight alongside Goku, so he attacked Buuhan alone, believing he was strong enough to fight Buuhan in a brutal battle. Unfortunately for Vegeta, Buuhan was far stronger than any opponent he had ever faced.

He thought he understood Hit's time skip

When Vegeta met Hit, he didn't understand the way he could time jump. Vegeta couldn't keep up with Hit's attacks no matter how hard he tried. Even though he was defeated by the assassin, Vegeta never doubted his strength and relied entirely on his own reasoning when he realized that Hit would not attack him at close range. He soon realizes that Hit's time-slip is more complicated than he thought and that his perceptive abilities are not yet perfect.

When he and Goku Black fought alone

When Vegeta, Goku, and Future Trunks go to the future, they do it with the purpose of stopping Goku Black. At that moment, Vegeta first fights with the SS Rose. Goku Black resembled Vegeta's form, but he was convinced his powers were better. He ignored Gokuu Black's arcane abilities, weakened his defenses, and was pierced by Black's energy blade.

If Vegeta had been a little more careful and faced Goku Black's transformation with the same or greater strength as himself, Vegeta might have been able to provide more support to Trunks and Goku when Zamasu entered the fight.

When he alone challenged Jiren

While Goku fought Jiren with Ultra Instinct Sign by his side and lost, Vegeta, who had not yet unleashed his Super Saiyan Blue powers or his higher powers, attacked over confidently challenged Jiren. We still aren't sure of why Vegeta did this. (The logic said that he was not going to defeat him.)

Vegeta is overconfident. Especially after a few successful strikes, he managed to push Jiren away with the Final Flash, allowing him to perform the infamous Power Strike, which brought Jiren closer and pushed Vegeta to the edge of the rink.

Vegeta fights Moro

Vegeta's training in Yardrat was shorter than Goku's, but he was able to learn much from this alien race. First, he learned Instant Transmission. But that was not everything.

He also learned another skill: Forced Spirit Fission. Every time he fought, Vegeta could return the energy he had taken from the planet Moro from the person he had taken it from.

Although he could only defeat Moro with this technique, he became so arrogant in the new abilities that he slipped. He let Moro hide until the villain absorbed the Seven-Three, making him so strong that he could only be defeated with Ultra Instinct. It was a mistake that cost him even more energy.

As you can see, Vegeta is an interesting character to see, and we're glad that his development through the series has been for the better. He is arrogant and always wants to be the best at everything. We could say it's not even his fault since he was trained that way, and Saiyans are supposed to be that way. (It is Goku who doesn't adjust to the bloodthirsty nature of the habitants of planet Vegeta. But that's a whole other thing to talk about.)

How Vegeta acts as a character is exactly what makes him so vulnerable to all kinds of fits of rage. He wants to be the best, but he also has feelings: every time he felt Goku was better than him, Vegeta felt the need to train more to avoid the sensation that he wasn't the best.

Still, that's one of the reasons we love him. He's a leader, literally a Prince, and even if he is a villain in the start, he changes and even makes a family. If you told early DB fans that this would end up being the upcome of Vegeta as a character, they wouldn't believe you. Vegeta has come a long way, and we all love him for it! Remember Vegeta with his badman shirt? We love you, Vegeta wearing the pink shirt.

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