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The Problem With The Couples In Dragon Ball Z: What Are The Most Healthy Ones?

The Problem With The Couples In Dragon Ball Z: What Are The Most Healthy Ones?

The Problem With The Couples In Dragon Ball Z: What Are The Most Healthy Ones?

Toriyama has said on multiple occasions that he doesn't like writing romance, and honestly, we can't blame him. Writing romance and doing it well is challenging, even for the most skilled authors. If an author makes the mistake of rushing things, it would be criticized, but it happens the same if the author takes too long to develop the characters' feelings. And we're only talking about the characters expressing their feelings.

It's common for authors to put two characters together without any chemistry or connection. Then, the author expects the audience to believe they are a couple. When in reality, it doesn't work like that. The author has to give us valid reasons to support the couple because otherwise, the romance becomes a poorly done plot device instead of combining effortlessly with the rest of the plot. That's what makes good romance in a book, TV show, or series.

Sadly, in Dragon Ball, most of the romance is written poorly. The more iconic and well-known couples fall in the spectrum of being called toxic. Sure, there are good moments here and there, but that doesn't excuse the partners that fall short because their romance wasn't well developed. They are supposed to be symbolic!

Today, we will talk about some of the best couples in Dragon Ball, trying to avoid the most known ones since those are the most toxic. Keep up with us!

What Are The Best Couples?

When talking about the best, we will refer to the most well-executed ones. Sure, Dragon Ball is not a romance anime, so most of the time, the viewer knows two characters are a couple because the anime tells us, instead of showing us through their development as they fall in love. It's a shame, really, but we understand why it might be that way. Can you imagine if there would be entire episodes of Vegeta and Bulma going out on dates? It would be funny, but also kind of boring. That's one of the arguments we can give to defend Toriyama, but still, it doesn't justify how bad some couples are. He could show them moments in between fights or maybe put them working together. There are ways to develop a relationship in a fighting-focused anime, but he didn't do any of that. Toriyama, we believe you. Writing romance is not your thing. Let's get started!

Gohan and Videl

First things first, and if you haven't noticed by now, her name is supposed to be "Devil" but with the letters changed. We all know how Toriyama likes to make entire families and name them according to something specific. Here, she's called that because she's Mr. Satan's daughter. Now, let's check how her relationship with Gohan works.

Some background of how they met relates to ChiChi's wanting her sons to have a proper education. As a mother, she understands that Goku never had this opportunity, and she knows it is her responsibility to make sure their sons have one. Contrary to Goku, Gohan goes to high school. There, he meets Videl. Gohan is quiet, and Videl doesn't like him at first because of it.

Their romance can be summarized as Videl wanting to know more about him but not wanting to. When she threatens him with revealing his identity to everyone, he seems forced to do whatever she wants to avoid it. Luckily for him, she only wants to learn how to fly. After lots of sessions together, they start having feelings for each other. 

Their story is one of the cutest ones, especially since they met when they were teenagers, and it took them several years to actually know their feelings for each other. Both of them believed the other was dead at some point, and this only made them realize how in love they were. They never treat each other badly, and even as a married couple, they show how in love they are. By now, they have a daughter called Pan.

Krillin and Android 18

We're gonna be honest with you. This is one of our favorite couples! Something is fascinating about a relationship that includes a cyborg and an Earthling, especially in a series where everyone is an alien or a weird race that we have never heard of before.

The best part of their story is that being enemies, they never fought with each other, and they didn't treat each other badly. In short, even before being a couple, they never behaved in a toxic way. When Future Trunks tells Goku that there will be two new menaces for Earth, we are told to believe those threats are the Androids. Goku and his friends begin rigorous training to defeat those Androids when they arrive.

In all this training, Krillin was afraid of what he might encounter when he ultimately saw those so-called enemies. At first, he felt afraid of her.

Still, everything truly began when she gave him a kiss on the cheek. After that, he started to rethink everything about her. So, kudos to Android 18 for being the one that actually started everything! After that kiss, he began feeling attraction toward her and even confessed at some point. At that moment, Krillin believed she and Android 17 were dating, but after getting mad, she clarified he was his brother.

What we like the most about Android 18 is that she was formerly a villain, but after she and her brother "backstabbed" Dr. Gero, she turned to the good side. After four years of Krillin pursuing her, they finally married and had a kid named Marron. The only downside of their relationship is that both retired from martial arts to make a family and take care of their child. Still, it's cute to think that two valuable fighters draw the line at forming a family. When that time arrived, they retired to start being full-time parents. (Not everyone has to do this, but it's impressive that they did).

A curious fact about this couple is that they become partners in the current timeline, but she kills him in the Future Trunks timeline.

Trunks and Mai

This couple is a bit more complicated when you consider there are the Future Trunks, a Future Mai, a Present Mai, and a Future Trunks. With different characters from just as different timelines, they have two stories that we know of. Let's focus on the ones from the future who come from an alternate dimension.

In this alternate dimension, Future Trunks finally defeats the Androids and Cell. Since Future Trunks and Bulma were the few people left from the original Z-fighters, they were the ones who had the responsibility of taking care of the world. Mai and Trunks saw each other and worked together to help rebuild the world after all of that destruction.

However, the peace is disrupted when a new villain appears: Goku Black. Then, things get worse after Future Bulma dies, and Trunks decides to ask our heroes in the timeline we know to help him. At that moment, the Goku Black saga starts. One of the decisive moments in this relationship is when Mai tries to distract Goku Black to allow Trunks to go to the past. For a while, Future Trunks believes she is dead, but when he finds out she isn't, he gets immensely happy. After the war ends and their world gets destroyed, they decide they will live happily ever after in a new timeline. It's a cute and literal happy ending!

On the other hand, we have Trunks and Mai from this timeline. Also called according to the wikis Present Trunks and Present Mai. Mai is kind of a villain at first, and she meets Trunks when he was twelve years old, and she looks around the same. The only downside of this couple is that Mai is way older than him. Even if she looks like a child, she may be thirty or even forty years old. However, Trunks doesn't know this and keeps her around. 

Another time we see them around and spending time with each other is when Future Trunks appears. At that moment, Present Mai seems to like Future Trunks a lot, and the other Trunks get jealous. It's funny because he is practically the same but younger and from another timeline. Still, when this Trunks gets to know Future Mai, he likes her and believes she's beautiful.

When the ones from the future left, Mai and Trunks' relationship stops being so one-sided since Mai tells him she likes him now.

A curious thing about this relationship is that Trunks' parents don't seem to care about the age gap between both of them.

That is everything for today! We could spend this article talking about how toxic Vegeta and Bulma are, or the same with Goku and ChiChi, but there is already a lot of that. There are also good couples in Dragon Ball, and sometimes it's better to focus on the positive instead of the negative stuff. We hope you liked it!

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