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Goten As A Character, Was He Ignored Under Gohan's Spotlight?

Goten As A Character, Was He Ignored Under Gohan's Spotlight?

Goten As A Character, Was He Ignored Under Gohan's Spotlight?

Dragon Ball is about the journey of Goku, a kind and immature Saiyan who was raised on Earth. When we learn that he is a Saiyan, we also understand that most Saiyans are aggressive. They are a race known for being skillful warriors, also. Goku is good at fighting, but his personality doesn't match the stereotypical Saiyan image that the rest of the Universe has. It was probably because of the head injury Goku had while being a child. Still, it makes him a likable main character and what made Dragon Ball so famous.

In Goku's first years, we see him train and be better at his fighting every day. When he meets Bulma, they start a journey to find the Dragon Balls. While traveling, Goku has to fight different villains who also want the Dragon Balls! As the series progresses, we get to see Goku find the Dragon Balls one by one. He makes friends, trains, fights, and even gets married! You could say Dragon Ball is the journey of Goku and how he grows into the best Saiyan in a hundred years.

Goku's Marriage

When he was a child still training under Master Roshi's wing, he met characters like Krillin and ChiChi. Krillin, for example, began being his rival, but later they became best friends. (We also see how Krillin becomes the most powerful Earthling in the series).

ChiChi, on the other hand, it's a princess raised in martial arts, so she also trains with both of them. At one point, she develops feelings for Goku, so she makes him promise they will get married when they get older. Goku barely knew what she was talking about, and he thought marriage was something related to food.

Years later, ChiChi enters the Tournament of Power, and at one point, she fights with Goku. After he wins, she seems mad that he doesn't recognize her. When he does, he reminds the promise and immediately asks her if she wants to marry him. Then, they do! As simple as that. It isn't the most romantic gesture ever, and while at that moment, fans didn't criticize Goku that much, they later did.

Goku is considered by some the worst father of the series, even worse than Vegeta. We understand that Goku's motivations have always been his training and little more than that. He never acted romantically with ChiChi, and fans believed he would be different once he had a child. They were mistaken! Goku is barely home, and ChiChi gets mad at him from time to time because of that.

Still, not everything is that sour! Because of how innocent and pure their relationship has always been, some fans support this relationship. We have to admit it, they are cute.

Goku's Children

A year or so after Goku gets married, he and ChiChi have a child. They name it in honor of the one person who welcomed Goku when he was a baby: Grandpa Gohan. Gohan grows up being kind like his father, and he trains a lot despite ChiChi's protests.

In Dragon Ball Z, we learn Goku is a Saiyan, and that would make his son, Gohan, a hybrid. We also discover half Earthling and half Saiyans can be stronger than pure-blooded Saiyan! As he grows up, he doesn't disappoint and achieves the Super Saiyan form while being a child.

Years later, Goten is born. This second son had a different relationship with Goku, particularly because they didn't see each other until Goten was seven years old. The reason behind this is that Goku died while ChiChi was pregnant. Thus, he never realized he had a son, and the first time they saw each other was kind of funny. We will talk about it later!

Who is Goten?

He is the second and younger son of the leading couple of Dragon Ball, Goku, and ChiChi. Like his older brother, Gohan, is a hybrid, having Saiyan blood in him allows him to have Saiyan abilities, even being able to transform into a Super Saiyan. His full name is Son Goten, and we see him for the first time in Dragon Ball Z.

What Does Goten Look Like?

Do you remember how Goku looked when he was a child? Well, that's how Goten looks. Throughout the series, different characters notice the resemblance between Goten and his father. The same skin color, eyes, and hair. It's the spitting copy of him! It's a funny moment when Goku first meets him and tells ChiChi that there is a copy of him behind her legs. So, even Goku realizes how alike they are, at least in appearance. If the physical appearance wasn't enough, his training clothes also make him look very similar to him.

As Goten grows up, his look changes. Partly because he didn't want to be mistaken by his father. His hairstyle is one of the main changes. He lets his hair grow, and he changes his gi design.

Toriyama is known for changing his characters' outfits as they change Sagas, so of course, as Goten grows up, he changes how he looks.

What About His Personality?

He might be the spitting image of Goku, but in personality, he doesn't fall too behind. The best word to describe him is "kind-hearted," which is also a word to define his father. The main difference is that Goten was raised by a mother figure and didn't see his father for years. So, of course, ChiChi taught him good manners and even was the one who supported his training. Being the second son, ChiChi didn't mind him pursuing his interests like his liking for insects and catching them.

He is also the best friend of Trunks, and Trunks acts like the crazy one between the two. On the other hand, Goten plays the voice of logic whenever Trunks wants to engage in some mischief. Still, he accompanies his friend to do anything he wants to do. A cute thing is that he admires Gohan a lot and strives to be as strong as he is.

In his teenage years, he gets way more mature, and as he grows up, he prefers to occupy himself with bikes and his own interests rather than training and fighting.


As it happens in real life, the second son gets more freedom to do whatever they want to do as they grow up. That could mean more freedom to do whatever they want or more flexibility from their parents when meeting their responsibilities. Even when Goten had more potential than Gohan, he never fully used this to his advantage. We're talking about someone who achieved his Super Saiyan form without even noticing it! Contrary to how challenging it was for Goku, Vegeta, and Gohan, for Goten, it was like a walk in the park. Easy, and her mother didn't bat an eye when he did.

We aren't sure if ChiChi's sense of freedom toward Goten was related to Goku's death. It is something that we will never know! Still, she granted him an education and never neglected him during his formative years. However, maybe it was because he didn't like fighting that much, but when he reaches his adult years, he doesn't worry about his training as Gohan or Trunks did.

Is There Anything Else I Should Know About Goten?

Sure! According to the Dragon Ball wiki, some trivia facts about Goten include:

  • He is the youngest Saiyan to achieve the Super Saiyan form. Gohan used to be the youngest one, at least until Goten achieved his own.
  • Even if Gohan does have the characteristic Saiyan tail, Goten doesn't have it. Toriyama explained some hybrids didn't have them, but he also said that the tail annoyed him when drawing the characters since he didn't know how to dress them with it. Some Saiyajins that appeared later in the series don't have it.
  • His favorite things to do are "bug-catching" and "play-fighting." ChiChi lets him engage in these activities freely.
  • He loves pocky.
  • He loves bikes.
  • He has performed the fusion dance with Trunks numerous times, and this fusion is called Gotenks. It's impressive that even being kids, they used to do it all the time. There are different failed fusions that they have made together too. This happened because Trunks and Goten performed incorrectly in the fusion dance.
  • His character doesn't exist in the timeline where Future Trunks exists, mainly because Goku dies before conceiving Goten.
  • His name is based on Goku's one, and the translation means "perceiving heaven." 
  • Goten doesn't care much about fighting if you compare him with his brother, who even uses part of his time and resources to be a hero on Earth.

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