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Dragon Ball Z: What Are The Best Scenes?

Dragon Ball Z: What Are The Best Scenes?

Dragon Ball Z: What Are The Best Scenes?

Dragon Ball Z has most of the best sagas in Dragon Ball, and even if there are things that divide the Dragon Ball fandom (like if they collectively hate or love Bulma), they all agree on this something in particular. Dragon Ball Z is one of the best parts of Dragon Ball in general.

We are talking about that one part of Dragon Ball where we see Goku start a family. We see how Gohan grows and how his Hybrid powers get stronger every day. Besides, we learn different things about Goku. For example, he is a Saiyan and has a brother that literally wants to kill him because he cried too loud when they were children. That doesn't happen every day, huh?

However, there are lots of other things we see in Dragon Ball Z. Some include Vegeta having a child with Bulma, something almost weird to understand, except that Future Trunks had already warned us (and Goku) of it.

We also have that one saga that is still considered part of the best moments in Dragon Ball: the Androids saga. Sure, Dragon Ball Z didn't mark the end of Dragon Ball. After that, we saw Dragon Ball Super and Dragon Ball GT. However, Dragon Ball Z, according to some fans (including us), is the best of those.

There are too many good things about Dragon Ball Z! Today, we will remember some of the best scenes determined by various fans across the globe. 

When we learn that Vegeta is actually a father

There is one scene before the Android saga begins where we see Bulma with a child. The most impressive thing is that, in that scene, Goku sees her along with Yamcha, so at first, he believes that Yamcha is the father. Well, that couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, baby Trunks is the product of what seems to be a nightstand between Vegeta and Bulma. Goku doesn't seem surprised since Trunks already had visited him three years before. We also already knew that they would have a baby at one point, but it was shocking still. Essentially, the anime doesn't explain how it happened (or if there is love between those two).

When Vegeta and Goku fight for the first time

This was the start of what today is considered the more iconic rivalry in anime. The best part of it is that at that moment, no one would have guessed that this would be the start of something that would last decades. We present to you: Goku and Vegeta hate each other. (Or more like Vegeta hating Goku with some kind of burning passion, and Goku being too oblivious to actually notice it at first). This is also the moment where we see both of their signature techniques get with each other: the Galick Gun and the Kamehameha Wave, or simply Kamehameha. Also, now that we are talking about Trunks...

When Trunks appears (and when we learn where he comes from)

Future Trunks basically appears out of nowhere, and it's something we were shocked with the moment we saw it. What a mysterious man! At that exact moment, we had different revelations. First, traveling as time as possible and not necessarily through the time rings. Second, the mysterious man who helps the Z-fighters defeat Frieza is someone who says he's Bulma and Vegeta's son. And thirdly, he decides to warn Goku about a menace that will come soon enough: the Androids. All of that information shocked us!

That one filler episode about learning how to drive

Let's accept it. Sometimes filler episodes are unwanted. However, sometimes the filler episodes are funny, and we learn how to love them. (Just like Goku learned how to drive in this episode). After our hero defeats Frieza, there is a new challenge for him and Piccolo: they need to understand how to drive! It's funny to imagine that Goku could have problems like those when his literal main objective is to save the world. It happens after Trunks warns Goku of the Androids, and in the middle of all those training, there had to be some tranquil moments, right?

Filler episodes sometimes get boring, but this one has gone down in history as one of the best, principally because of how entertaining it is.

When Piccolo sacrifices himself

If there is one thing that Toriyama loves to write about is redemption arcs. We get one for characters in the series, including that one Saiyan Prince who seemed like he would never convert to the good side. Piccolo is one character that had always wanted revenge against Goku, but even so, he managed to change for good. 

When Goku sacrifices himself, Piccolo is the one who starts to care about Gohan. He serves as Gohan's father figure, and the fact that Gohan was part of what made him change is a lot. When Nappa goes in for the kill, Piccolo is the one who gets the most of it. This character that used to be totally evil abruptly is the one who sacrifices himself for someone else. It's something totally worth watching.

When Goku achieves Super Saiyan Blue

One of the best episodes in Dragon Ball Z is when our hero combines his Super Saiyan Blue transformation with a technique we all love. The best part of it is that when he does it, we have a long time without seeing the Kaio ken, so of course, the surprise factor made this scene all the more impressive. Besides, it is the first time we saw something like this! What makes an episode remarkable sometimes is not what happens at the moment, at that right point, but the meaning and correlation of what happened before.

When Gohan is the one who beats Cell (with Goku's help, of course)

When we saw Gohan growing up. At first, he was shy, and his abilities weren't the best. However, he had a big responsibility from the moment he was born. He is a Half Saiyan, and the anime tells us that it's like he would be even more powerful than Goku. The Z-fighters are in the battle with Frieza when almost everything is lost. Cell has already beaten up everyone that could fight, and there is not much left to do except make an eleven-year-old fight to save his and his friends' lives. At this moment, Gohan shoots one Kamehameha. It seems like his dad supports him in spirit across the Other World. That one last attack helps him defeat Cell once and for all.

When Goku achieves his first SS transformation

Learning that Goku was a Saiyan was part of the big revelations that Dragon Ball Z brought to us. When we see Goku becoming a Super Saiyan, it is pretty shocking. Like many things in anime, sometimes the hero has to witness how someone he cares about gets hurt or killed. It is very dramatic, but those fits of rage can help achieve a legendary transformation. And this was the case!

We remember how furious Vegeta was; it was an event that sent him through a whirlwind of despair. And since we are adding the first Super Saiyan form, we have to acknowledge another transformation that made us stare in wonder.

The Super Saiyan 3

Lots of fans consider this the best sequence in Dragon Ball, period. Some even consider it the best scene in anime. What do you think about it? Sure, lots of anime came after Dragon Ball, but we are sure that there is no transformation as hyped as this one. Once you see this, it is impossible to forget it. The sequence lasts five minutes, and in all of that time, Goku keeps screaming and screaming. While he transforms, we see his friend's reaction! Everyone seems shocked that he could reach that form.

Any scene of Gohan being badass, actually

The great thing about watching Gohan grow is that every time we see him getting powerful, just like his father. Sure, we expected Gohan to be strong, especially with all the information regarding half Saiyans and how they tend to be strong, even more than pure-blooded ones.

One of the best moments is when he fights against Super Buu. After realizing his potential, Gohan is ready to fight whoever dares to get in his way.

That is everything for today! Dragon Ball Z has lots of good moments, scenes, and episodes, but most fans agree on which ones are the best. Most of the time, the moments are epic by nature or really funny. Still, Dragon Ball Z in those 291 episodes gave us lots of good moments that are impossible to summarize in only one list. We hope you have liked it!

If you're still here, we cordially invite you to look at our store if you like all things Dragon Ball Z. What are you waiting for? Come and see it for yourself, and don't let them tell you about it.

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