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Best Villains In Dragon Ball Z: Dr. Gero And His Creations

Best Villains In Dragon Ball Z: Dr. Gero And His Creations

Best Villains In Dragon Ball Z: Dr. Gero And His Creations

Let's talk about Dragon Ball for a moment, should we? It is almost inevitable, but talking about fighting anime means talking about Dragon Ball. It's an anime that changed how everyone saw anime in this part of the world, and we are thankful because of that. Besides that central fact, Dragon Ball also was one of the pioneers in having its own official dubs. What else should we ask?

Of course, as with any fighting anime, the main thing besides having a cast full of characters that can fight and spend their free time training. But we also need villains. The villains might be as essential as the main characters! We need them to fight with characters and make them suffer a little, so in this case, they can transform into a Super Saiyan or something more memorable. If we didn't have villains, there won't be anyone our characters would be fighting with, making the entire plot excessively tedious. So, as you can see, villains are necessary to fight the main characters.

Since they are also characters, the villains need to be as well developed like anything else, sometimes even better. When seeing a villain, something really annoying is encountering a villain that doesn't have a reason that explains why he is a villain. Sure, we have a villain, but why? Is it because of revenge? Is it because he was born and raised as a villain? We need the answers to all of that because otherwise, the villain won't be credible or outstanding.

Luckily for Toriyama, he makes decent villains, sometimes even making a redeeming story for a couple of them! Today, we will talk about the villains in Dragon Ball Z. We will name some of them and their best moments. Keep up with us!

What Are The Best Villains In DBZ?

Dragon Ball Z is one of the parts of Dragon Ball in general that has the most number of sagas. That means more villains to choose from and pick their best moments! We will try to summarize the best of them so, in the end, you can give us your opinion in the comments. What do you think? Let's get started!

Dr. Gero

We all love crazy scientists, or in this case, crazy doctors. Most of the time, they are here and there forcing havoc with some experiment, and Dr. Gero wasn't the exception. He creates different cyborgs that our heroes spend an entire saga fighting. These include the Androids and Cell, and fans agree these sagas are one of the best ones in Dragon Ball Z. Isn't this a good option for starting the list?

One fascinating thing about this doctor is that maybe other characters in the list represent a real threat when fighting and are totally valid. But what about Dr. Gero? His forte isn't fighting, of course, but the things he created. Besides that, this is a character with a specific background: Goku had already defeated him when he was a kid, and since then, the doctor has hated him.

In the original timeline, everything goes well, and Goku and his friends defeat him. But what happens in the alternate universe where Future Trunks is? In there, Androids 18 and 17 are responsible for all chaos. It might not look like much, but those are part of Dr. Gero's creations, and to think that they could take over the world (even if it was in another reality) it's impressive on its own.

This doctor might not be the best of the villains in Dragon Ball Z, but it is a personal favorite. He has reasons for hating Goku, and he has the creativity to make cyborgs especially programmed to kill him. He is determined, and he won't stop. But, as you might have guessed, talking about Dr. Gero is immediately talking about his creations and what they contributed to the plot.


There is not much to say about Cell that you don't already know. He is one of the doctor's creations and part of the most creative ones. The reason behind his name is simple: the doctor made him out of genetically modified cells so he could be more powerful than anyone else. One curious thing about him is that he has cells from almost everyone strong enough at the moment, like Vegeta, Goku, Piccolo, Yamcha, and Krillin, among others. Technically, he is not from the timeline we know, and the doctor created him as a way to take his revenge on Goku.

One of Cell's most captivating (and horrendous) abilities includes absorbing people, and in theory, to achieve the perfect form, he needed to absorb the Androids. However, Trunks killed them and spiraled a massive confusion in the Dragon Ball timelines.

Cell appeared because Toriyama's editor didn't believe the Androids were scary enough. That is when the concept of Cell was created. Honestly, we're glad!

Something about this Cell is that there are different versions of him. For example, Trunks and our human Krillin get rid of the Cell of the present. So, the one creating all kinds of disasters is the Cell that comes from another timeline. It is kind of confusing, but still, there is one bio android called Cell that is causing all kinds of trouble for our main characters.

One of his best moments is when he absorbs Androids 17 and 18. After that, he achieves his Perfect Form. Later, he has one of the best fights in Dragon Ball Z with Goku.

The Androids

Finally, that one creation of Dr. Gero that we all loved. If we were to pick the best villains in Dragon Ball Z, we would probably pick those ones. The reason behind it is that, at the moment, the introduction of genetically modified humans is really appealing. It still is! In a world where there are lots of aliens, it's nice to know there is some space for humans. (And no, we're not talking about Krillin here). Besides being extremely badass, Android 17 and 18 are good-looking and intriguing. The best thing about them is that they are the only ones on the list that actually turned to the good side. We believe this was probably because of the tremendous fan support they had. 18 even married Krillin! And they had a child! 

Besides, let's not forget about one of the most iconic moments for Android 18: the moment where she breaks the Saiyan Prince's arm, just because. What an introduction for a new character!


Let's imagine for a moment you learn you are part of a legendary race. Now, let's add to that the fact that most of the race is extinct. It sounds pretty shocking, right? And what if you also had a brother that you didn't know existed? And what if he wanted to kill you? It seems like a lot of information, but that is precisely what happened to Goku.

Broly stands out as a villain for several reasons. One of those reasons is that he plays with the surprise factor, since nobody expects a Saiyan to appear out of nowhere. Even if it repeated lots of times after Broly's apparition, at the moment, it wasn't something that common.

The downside of Broly is that he literally wanted to kill Goku for the lamest reason ever. Apparently, Goku cried a lot while they were kids. How Broly actually remembers this remains a mystery. It's also a mystery why his rage lasted that long. But hey, we appreciate the introduction of a new Saiyan.

Something about Broly is that it seems like his rage is something that fuels him. For some reason, the angrier he appears, the more powerful he gets. It's a nice touch when you compare him to Goku, who is way calmer and collected. Broly's legacy was shorter than we might like it to, but it was necessary so the plot could move forward.

For appearing only in the movies, his creation was intriguing. His reasons for wanting to kill Goku were lame, but the fights in the film make up for it.

That is everything for today! Dragon Ball fans, we understand if Dragon Ball Z is one of your favorite parts of Dragon Ball. We have amazing fights, and one of the best things is that we finally learn that Goku is a Saiyan. After that significant reveal, there are a lot of new sagas that open because of that. One of the most well-known of, the Android Saga, starts with the appearance of Future Trunks. Then, we get to know the Androids and Cell. We learn the doctor is still alive, and a completely new saga starts.

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