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All The Saiyan Transformations We Know Of Until Now

All The Saiyan Transformations We Know Of Until Now

All The Saiyan Transformations We Know Of Until Now

We will never get tired of saying it: Dragon Ball is responsible for shaping an entire generation of people, but it also inspired countless authors and mangaka. Today, talking about the Super Saiyan transformation means also talking about Dragon Ball. Even if it was something that appeared in the second installment and after hundreds of episodes, it is part of the more meaningful things that represent Dragon Ball. Besides that, the only other thing we can think of is the Kamehameha, and for obvious reasons. It is Goku's trademark fighting technique!

In Dragon Ball, Saiyajins were part of the most recognized warrior races. They were known for being ruthless, aggressive, and cold-blooded. Nobody in their right mind would have wanted to mess with Saiyans. Most of them lived on Planet Vegeta, but there were some difficulties along the way. As background, Frieza is a villain who had a massive army, and that army included Saiyan soldiers. At the time, there was the legend that if a Saiyan was powerful enough, he could achieve a transformation that would make them stronger. You'd think that Frieza would be excited, considering he had an army, and everything that could make his soldiers more powerful should be received with open arms. Still, he was worried that the soldiers could turn into berserk machines, so to counteract this, he decided to destroy Planet Vegeta once and for all.

A very villainous thing to do, if we are honest. Frieza is precisely the type of villain that would destroy an entire planet if that meant not seeing any Saiyans in the world. (Except for the ones who worked for him, of course).

But, what does this transformation have? What is it like? How is it conceivable that Frieza, a major villain, was scared by it? Let's find out!

What Is A Super Saiyan?

It's an entire transformation that anyone who is a Saiyan should be able to achieve. In the same way, the form has some requirements that the Saiyan needs to have to make it possible. Some of those include having a large number of S Cells. The thing is, not every Saiyan has the same number of those. Besides, S Cells have a relationship with how "gentle" the Saiyan is. Where is the trick, you may ask? Saiyans are not gentle. Saiyans are a race full of people with skills and abilities that make them the perfect killing machines.

On the other hand, Goku is different from most Saiyans because of how Grandpa Gohan raised him. Another influential factor is that he received an injury on his head when he was a child, making him forget about any genocidal thoughts when he was a kid.

When Does Goku Achieve The Super Saiyan Form?

Goku achieves it in Dragon Ball Z. It is shocking for every viewer to see Goku in this new state, where he has spiky blond hair and green eyes. Besides, he acts completely different from what we are used to seeing him, making it even more intriguing. We learn that emotional states can trigger the Super Saiyan form, but the Saiyan needs to have a significant amount of S Cells. We also know that inheritance plays a meaningful role in it. Perfect examples of this are Gohan and Trunks, who achieved the form while being younger than their respective fathers.

How Many Super Saiyan Transformations Are There?

That is what we will see today! When we first saw the Super Saiyan form, we didn't think that there would be something even better than that. At that moment, the Super Saiyan one seemed like the cusp of power for a Saiyan. But then, we were very wrong. As the series progressed, we saw lots of SS transformations. Some of them are canon, and others only appear in video games. Let's take a look at them!

Super Saiyan 2

One of the best moments in the series is when Gohan achieves the Super Saiyan 2 transformation. It's no wonder how he did it! Different factors played into this, like Goku's inheritance with his large number of S Cells, but also that he was raised in a loving environment. What does this mean? We know the way Saiyans were raised on Planet Vegeta was different from Goku, and his sons grew up. Growing up without any worry or stress and a loving family plays a significant part in making someone of a "gentle heart."

A Saiyan can achieve the Super Saiyan 2 if they have the conditions, and most of the time, the transformation is triggered by intense training or anger. If the individual who has the SS2 trains enough, the user can obtain the Super Saiyan 3. 

There are two variants that we know of:

  • The final form is called Legendary Super Saiyan 2.
  • Gohan's version is called Potential Unleashed.

Still, this is probably the most famous Super Saiyan form, and the one that comes to everybody's mind when thinking about Saiyans.

Super Saiyan 3

This is the third one! The fun fact is that the user can only achieve it through training. Like the Super Saiyan 2, it has two variants: the Legendary SS3 and the SS3 Full Power.

It drains the user a lot when in use, and for that same reason, it is a transformation that does not appear as frequently as others. Still, fans love it because the appearance and design of this form are truly exceptional. Goku's hair is longer than ever, and he looks genuinely furious.

Just so you can get an idea of how draining it is to use this form, Goku barely uses it, and he could only achieve it after his death. In Dragon Ball, the only ones who get to use this form are Gotenks and Goku.

Super Saiyan God

This is probably one of our favorite ones. First, the design is outstanding. Who would have thought that Goku with red hair would be such a hit? Second, who doesn't like a transformation with the name "God" on it? Exactly. The Super Saiyan God transformation appears in a DBZ movie called The Battle Of The Gods. It was different from most transformations we already knew of at the time, and it had a curious characteristic about it as well. Do you remember what it was?

Most Super Saiyan transformations can be achieved through strength, rage, training, or a combination. And here is when the different thing about this transformation appears. The only way to obtain it is with "the spirit of cooperation", whatever that means.

Goku obtains it in a ritual with other Saiyans, and there, his energy and hair turn red. That must be the weirdest way to dye your hair!

Super Saiyan Blue

If there is a Super Saiyan God (where Goku's hair turns red,) there must be a blue version, right? Just kidding, but not really. It actually exists! The only bad thing about the Super Saiyan God transformation is that we didn't get to see it for too long because it was quickly replaced by the Super Saiyan Blue. The actual name should be Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan. Does that make any sense? Maybe that's why most people prefer shortening it to Super Saiyan Blue. It got the name because of the hair color that Vegeta and Goku had while in the transformation. With so many transformations in Dragon Ball it is hard to keep track of, and later on, we learn that the Super Saiyan God is better in some abilities like better speed. 

Still, this transformation is pretty impressive on its own. It's precisely what you get when combining the SS one with the SS God. As with any impressive transformation, there are different variations of this:

  • Perfect SS Blue
  • SS God SS Evolved
  • SS God SS Berserk

Too many "Super Saiyans" in a sentence!

That is everything! The Super Saiyan transformations are part of the most iconic things Dragon Ball has to offer. It's surprising, mainly because these transformations appear when Dragon Ball had years airing. Today, if you know about anime, you know what a Super Saiyan is! It's the same with the Kamehameha technique, but we will leave that for another occasion. Which one is your favorite? There are a lot of transformations, and talking about all of them would take us a couple of articles more. If we had to pick one, we would choose the Super Saiyan Blue or the SS God.

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