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All The Best Dragon Ball Z Fights

All The Best Dragon Ball Z Fights

All The Best Dragon Ball Z Fights

Dragon Ball is the type of anime that we will remember for decades. It's been more than 40 years since the first episode of Dragon Ball aired, and since then, it has been growing its fanbase more and more. One of the more vital accomplishments of this anime is that it thoroughly changed how this part of the world saw anime. In the 80s, most Americans considered anime to be for kids. Besides, English dubbing companies weren't that interested in "wasting" their money on something that people would ignore.

After Dragon Ball, everything changed. Dubbing companies got interested in this new anime everyone wanted. Suddenly, kids were throwing Kamehamehas at each other. Boys always like badass characters fighting villains, and Dragon Ball was precisely that. It started something that nobody had seen before: Americans liked anime. So, if at one point you ask yourself if there was a point in history when Americans started watching anime, that is a suitable place to start.

The manga had 519 chapters, but when the producers adapted it into anime, they divided them into two installments called Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z, respectively. Then years later, the Dragon Ball sequel in the manga was released and called Dragon Ball Super. Today, it is one of the most profitable manga franchises that ever existed. How does that sound? However, in between those divisions, Dragon Ball Z is considered by some fans to be the best part of Dragon Ball. Because of that same reason, we will focus on it. Since it is a fighting anime, we will talk about the best fights. Keep up with us!

What Is Dragon Ball Z About?

When Dragon Ball started, the premise was about Goku and his development as a martial artist. It also showed most of his life, including when he was a child and how he grew up with Master Roshi. It shows him training, being part of Tournaments, and teaming up with Bulma to find the Dragon Balls. Because of that same reason, Dragon Ball had that as the main plotline. In Dragon Ball Z, Goku is way older, and he's already married to ChiChi while also having a little kid named Gohan.

When Dragon Ball Z starts, one of the first things we see is Raditz. Soon, we learn something that we suspected long ago. Goku is actually a Saiyan, making him part of an almost extinct race. And if that wasn't enough, he is one of the most powerful ones at that.

Also, even if his son is a hybrid, we learn that he can be way more mighty than Goku if he trains enough since apparently, hybrids have the potential to be even better than a pureblooded Saiyan.

What Are The Best DBZ Fights?

If there is something a shonen anime rarely doesn't have enough is fights. Every now and then, a viewer needs a good battle packed with action to keep everything interesting. Today, we will summarize some of the best ones in Dragon Ball Z.

Trunks and Frieza

We will start the list with an unexpected character that won everyone's hearts: Future Trunks. It's good to distinguish the two because the adult Trunks who appears in Dragon Ball Z is different from the one who appears in Dragon Ball GT. (You didn't hear it from us, but most fans prefer Future Trunks over GT Trunks. This is mainly because GT Trunks' upbringing was within a happy family and in a safe home, something that without the right guidance, made him careless with his training).

As we were saying, the fight! This fight has a surprise factor since it was the first big one since the Namek Saga. And this fight didn't disappoint! Whenever the plot involves Frieza, it will be fascinating to watch. It's the big boss we're talking about here, not anyone else.

The other thing about this fight is that everyone knew that Frieza was coming to Earth. However, Goku was nowhere close, so the Z-Fighters had to wait, filled with worry about everything that was going to happen. Then, a mysterious fighter appears out of nowhere and wipes Frieza out. What a moment!

Kid Buu and Goku (with Vegeta)

We loved that it was one of the final ones before we saw Dragon Ball Super. Along with the Android Saga, the Majin Buu Saga is one of the most well-known. It is also well enjoyed by fans. The funny thing about Buu is that even if this form has the name "Kid" on it, it doesn't make him less dangerous. If anything, this is one of the most challenging forms to fight with.

It's pleasant to remember this fight as a re-watch, especially considering that Majin Buu basically turns good. But, at that moment, our heroes didn't know what precisely they should do. Majin Buu had gone crazy and was teleporting himself from one planet to another just to destroy. In the end, they managed to get Buu to arrive at King Kai's home. On the planet, they both waited patiently to fight Buu.

In all of Dragon Ball Z, this fight didn't disappoint. Both characters get crazy with each other, acting like animals to hurt the other. (Even to the point of biting!).

Frieza and Goku

It's one of the best ones because it marked the end of the Namek Saga. A good fight is also a fight when people get emotional. The characters don't know what to do, but they have to win if they want to live. In these cases, it can get pretty dramatic. 

There are two main things about this fight that makes it one of the best ones. First, Frieza is the biggest villain in Dragon Ball and always has been. Fighting him means fighting with the biggest villain of the series. And second, when Goku fights with Frieza, he barely knows how to use his Super Saiyan power. Those two factors make the battle worth watching. 

We all know the story or at least parts of it. Frieza kills Krillin, and then Goku gets mad enough to achieve the Super Saiyan form. He becomes the first to do it in hundreds of years, so it's expected that even Frieza is surprised. 

Perfect Cell and Gohan

Seeing Gohan fight is something we will never get tired of. When Cell obtains his final form by absorbing the Android, we're all shocked. The Androids were decent fighters, but Cell is way worse. He can regenerate his cells. So, even Goku gets tired after fighting Perfect Cell for too long. Still, we don't have to worry because someone is ready to fight. We have Gohan! And what's even better, he gets the iconic Super Saiyan 2 version that went down in history as Gohan's best moment. We believe it's probably the best Gohan moment and one of the best moments in Dragon Ball Z.

Besides, it also has its own share of emotional moments. After Goku dies, Gohan has to fight Cell even knowing that his father is dead. It must be difficult for him, but he manages to make it. It gets better when Goku stands behind his son and supports him from there in one final Kamehameha. Truly one of the best moments.

Android 18 and Vegeta

We love to see a girl kicking ass! Or this time, a cyborg kicking ass. We already know Android 18 as one of Dr. Gero's creations. Being a mad scientist, he created the Androids with an objective in mind: to kill Goku. And he's sure that with the help of the Androids, he will do it. The thing is that his Android will cause havoc along the way.

We will never forget when Android 18 broke Vegeta's arm. At that time, Vegeta was barely a SS, so he was confident he was better than everyone.

This fight is fascinating because we get to see two things at once. First, how powerful Vegeta was with his new Super Saiyan form. Second, we see Android 18 in action. Until that moment, we had never seen her before. With Future Trunks' information, we know she's a good fighter, but nothing else. And then, she shows the audience how powerful she is by breaking Vegeta's arm.

Thank you for reading all of this! That's everything for now. Among Dragon Ball fans, some still prefer the Dragon Ball Z installment. Seeing Gohan was like seeing Goku all over again, and some fans consider it repetitive, but some fans consider that it was a nice touch to make him even better in some abilities, so he could also get his time to shine. Which one do you think was the best? In general, fans prefer the ones where the enemy is powerful or when a character achieves a new form.

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